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Interested in promoting your Fish 'n' Chips place on our website?

fishnchipslocator.com reaches about 9,000 people each month. Mainly visitors who are in cities such as London, Birmingham, Sydney and others.
We can offer you location based adversisement that helps you show people your shop before they would see other shops.

In a dense city there are many shops in the downtown area and people barely care where they go. With our Promoted Places section we can show them your place first.

E-Mail us for more information.

Fact Sheet

Monthly Visitors9,000
Visitors in London87%
Mobile Users90%
Ranking in Google for 'fish n chips near me'1. Position

Offer: Promoted Shop of the Month

Price5 USD for 30 days
Ad LocationHomepage, above Map
Geographic ReachCustom (choose from Countries, States and Cities)
Ad showsName and URL for Homepage
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